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9th All-Russian (with foreign participation) seminar MACULA-2023

9th All-Russian (with foreign participation) seminar MACULA-2023

(Round-table discussions, lobbies and backstage)

May 26-27, 2023, Rostov-on-Don (arrival of participants on May 25, 2023)

Dear colleagues!

We are glad to invite you to take part in the 9th All-Russian (with foreign participation) seminar-round table  MACULA-2023, which will take place on May 26-27, 2023 in Rostov-on-Don. The seminar is carried out by Rostov eye clinic InterYUNA (Congress-hotel Don-Plaza, 115, B. Sadovayastr.) – as before, "live" and with smiles without masks!​

Scientific part: ​​​

In general the subject and emphases of round table-discussions are the same: absolutely everything related to any diseases of macula, fovea, foveola – pathogenesis, clinic, treatment, systematization, etc. 

• Selected parts of fundamental works in (patho-) morphology and (patho-) physiology of macula. Neurolinguistics and neuroiconics. Vision and stress. An eye in zero gravity.

• Precise methods of macula functions evaluation. Problems of their reliable prognosis after treatment.

• Central serous chorioretinopathy – treatment without fluorescence angiography? A biased myth or a desired perspective? Alternatives to "classic" methods?

• Maculopathies: myopic, diabetic, age-related. Principles and methods of treatment. 

• The role, place and development trends of ''classical'' laser coagulation: principles, tactics. Other methods of laser treatment. 

• New nuances in surgery treatment of macular pathology.

• Pharmacotherapy of macula pathology (antiVEGF- and other medicines): principles, efficiency, problems, complications. Necessity and motivation of antiVEGF-monotherapy.   

 Rehabilitation of the lost retinal functions. Opportunities and forecasts.

  •  Multifocal and other types of intraocular lenses in macula pathologies. 

• Maculopathies (or their recurrences), induced by surgical interference – after refractive, cataract, vitreous and other types of surgery. 

• Some clinical observations (demonstrations, review of opinions), 'relax-warm-ups' and 'retinologist's relaxes'.  Fovea-on-Don-2023 Video-festival. 

The network of Round Tables supposes to discuss more than 30 reports of leading scientists.

Abstracts of the reports are admitted until February 13


(The program of round tables for ¾ has been formed by May 2020, but the admission of new reports is still open until February 13. In case the speakers want to change the topic or the reports’ content, we are waiting for a new report for our usual expertise of the organizing committee.)